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We are committed to health and wellness utilizing the drugless approach to improving digestive, respiratory, hormonal and immune issues. Your body has tremendous recuperative abilities, even in difficult and chronic cases, if the underlying cause is corrected. Think of your body as composed of many engines (organs). In order for these engines to work properly, they require specific fuels; unique to each different organ. If the type of fuel given is the wrong blend, the engine/organ will not perform at it's maximum capacity. If the engine is given no fuel at all, it will stop. The fuel we give our body's engines comes directly from food we consume. The foods we eat contain nutrients. They come in the form of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, H2O, amino acids (protein), sugars or (carbohydrates) and fatty acids (fats). It is these nutrients that sustain life by providing cells with basic materials that our bodies require to carry out hundreds of daily functions.

Individual nutrients differ in form, function and amount needed by the body. The chemical actions that involve nutrients take place on microscopic levels; and the specific processes differ greatly. Nutrients are involved in thousands of chemical reactions in the body 24/7.

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