A Natural Drugless Approach in Scotts Valley CA

A Natural Drugless Appraoch in Scotts Valley CA

Chiropractic Scotts Valley CA A Natural Drugless Approach

Read below to find out about Scotts Valley CA chiropractic clinic's natural, drugless approach to eliminating headaches.

Most headaches (HAs) are successfully treated with chiropractic spinal adjustments and/or nutritional therapy. The most common types are: cluster, hormonal, migraine, digestive, hormonal, sinus, and tension headaches.

This author offers a modified perspective for your consideration. Contrary to popular opinion, stress may not CAUSE a headache. Millions of people are under stress and most have no headaches. Also, it has been the experience of this practitioner, having treated thousands of patients that after receiving chiropractic care, headaches clear up. The patient returns to the same stressful life situations but this time, with no headaches. So In this case, is the cause of the headache stress? I suggest not, more often statistically, it is undetected nerve root irritation in the spine. What stress typically does is aggravate a PRE-EXISTING problem which will bring on symptoms. So what one perceives as the cause, like "stress", often isn't. Chiropractic attempts to address the underlying cause of (HAs) like undetected spinal nerve irritation due to a particular type of spinal problem that is discovered and corrected only by a doctor of chiropractic.

It is very important for health care consumers to understand this concept; especially for those who have suffered from chronic headaches with little to no help from ordinary medical care. You do not have to live with (HAs). There are non-pharmaceutical answers.

Magnesium Helps In Scotts Valley CA

Nutritionally, magnesium helps tension & migraine (HAs) by reducing spasms. Willow bark & lavender oil help other kinds. Several homeopathic remedies are effective in stopping certain (HAs), often within minutes to hours! The herb, feverfew, will reduce or eliminate some migraines, even if it takes months to do so. Most of these usually result in temporary symptomatic relief.

Acupressure, trigger point therapy, cold laser, and interferential muscle stimulation are also very effective in headache pain reduction.

Certain types of (HAs) are from TMJ (jaw) problems; many of which will only be corrected chiropractically. Exposure to toxic metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, etc.) may cause (HAs). In this case, nutritional therapy extracts these metals from the body.

Low blood sugar and/or food allergies can result in certain kinds of (HAs) as well. These conditions are best treated with gentle, specific adjustments as well as balancing chemistry nutritionally if indicated.

My intent here is to inform and educate; particularly those who have suffered with (HAs) for a long time thinking there is no hope of ever getting rid of them because they've never thought to try chiropractic. Of course, if a medication or environmental toxin causes a (HA), the solution is obvious; stop it, with help of course.

So generally, if the (HA) is not the result of a brain tumor, aneurysm, stroke, or an infection, one may be an excellent candidate for natural, holistic treatment. These causes only comprise a small percentage of headaches overall. By far, the predominant number of (HAs), statistically, is best handled with conservative management.

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