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At Scotts Valley CA chiropractic clinic we know diseases of the human body occur because of malfunctioning tissues. Healthy cells don’t produce symptoms or result in the formation of disease. Malfunctioning cells must occur causing tissues to malfunction which eventually results in a diseased organ. For example, diseases may be associated, but not limited to, any of the following systems:

  • Circulatory stress: blood clots, heart attacks, high blood pressure, etc.
  • Hormonal Issues: overactive or under-active glands affecting countless functions.
  • Immunological Compromises: resulting in auto-immune disorders or cancer, etc.
  • Digestive Problems: causing not only GI symptoms but also contributing to selected circulatory, hormonal, or immunity issues as well!

What Causes These Systems To Become Diseased?

It is the opinion of this author that more diseases occur due to the following examples of changes on a cellular level, either individually or in combination.

In our practice, we consider wellness care to be the use of natural methods, without drugs to restore and maintain your health. Wellness care is a partnership between you and our office that will greatly assist in improving your life. Wellness care is a partnership between you and our office that will greatly assist in improving your quality of life. The three steps our wellness approach focuses on are:

  • Nutritional Deficiencies: most of which do not show up on a blood test
  • Chemical Imbalance: in the brain, thyroid, liver, adrenals, etc.
  • Development Of Toxicities: by the body or exposure to environmental toxins

That’s why we can test for these possible chemical aberrations that we know make people sick beyond their wildest imagination. It makes sense that if one is still experiencing health problems, despite having seen doctors, and trying medicines, that this approach is as scientific and reasonable in an attempt to address the underlying cause.

Cells Need Nutrients In Scotts Valley CA

Cells need vital nutrients to work properly the way they were designed to work and when that happens, they will actually be more disease-resistant.

Examples of chemical deficiency or an imbalance that can eventually result in sickness: usually from abnormally low levels of the tone of the following or in combination: conjugated linoleic acid, chromium picolinate, alpha-tocopheryl acetate, CoQ10, DMAE, acetyl-L-carnitine, dozens of enzymes, hydrochloric acid, amino acids, neurotransmitters in the brain, alpha-lipoic acid, minerals, anti-oxidants, iodine, homocysteine and more.

Examples of toxins that can cause serious sickness from toxicity are arsenic, mercury, lead, iron, cadmium, toluene, benzene, and more.

These types of testing are especially important for one to consider if an ordinary evaluation by a traditional doctor has failed to discover why you are ill. Or if you have received treatment but to no avail; failing to permanently resolve your symptoms.

Please feel free to contact Santa Cruz Holistic Wellness to learn more about nutrition or ask our Scotts Valley chiropractor questions.


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