Are You Getting Enough Fiber in Scotts Valley CA?

Are You Getting Enough Fiber in Scotts Valley CA?

Chiropractic Scotts Valley CA Are You Getting Enough Fiber

Take a look at what Scotts Valley CA chiropractic clinic found out about fiber in our diets.

How Much Fiber Do You Need In Scotts Valley CA

Studies indicate that the average American diet is deficient in fiber. This is critical because fiber is just as necessary as probiotics in maintaining a healthy bowel. Moreover, the colon is now considered to comprise 70% of the immune system! So the healthier your bowel is, the more effectively your body can fight and prevent disease. Without proper fiber, chronic constipation and/or various diseases may develop such as: diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, appendicitis, selected bowel obstructions, as well as colorectal cancer; the 2nd most common type of cancer in America. A plant-based diet is mandatory for proper elimination. So remember, "It's better to have a royal flush than a full house!"

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