Holistic Treatment For Attention Deficit Disorder in Scotts Valley CA

Holistic Treatments For Attention Deficit Disorder in Scotts Valley CA

Chiropractic Scotts Valley CA Holistic Treatments For Attention Deficit Disorder

This treatise will address a holistic approach to treating Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD). for children and adults from Scotts Valley CA chiropractic clinic.

Ignoring the holistic body and only managing symptoms directs us away from the truth behind hyperactivity, ADD, ADHD, and ODD. No one seems to know why abnormal behavior and poor mental focus is an epidemic in America. I treat patients by modifying their diets, improving their nervous system function, and teaching patients how their body can heal itself. The benefit from this protocol is seeing patients experience normal behavior and mental clarity.

I am convinced that the true underlying causes of the symptoms displayed by ADD or ADHD, child-like restlessness, short attention span, difficulty with self-control, irritability, insomnia, learning problems, mood swings, and impulsivity can be found within the nutritional arena; at least in part if not totally. The lack of proper fats for brain chemistry, excessive sugars and food sensitivities that create biochemical imbalances, environmental toxins, vitamin deficiencies, and improper spinal alignments are all contributing to the growing epidemic of hyperactive children.

Changing Your Lifestyle Pattern In Scotts Valley CA

Step 1

Record a daily dietary history along with your symptoms

Step 2

Adhere to the following dietary modification requirements:

  1. Eat NO hydrogenated fats for a minimum of 90 days. (i.e. Pre-packaged foods, French fries, and snack foods including chips, cookies, etc.) Instead, eat prepared foods with high oleic safflower, high oleic sunflower, olive, and coconut oils, flax and borage. French fries baked or cooked in approved oils, as mentioned, are all right to eat.
  2. Drink NO cow’s milk or any dairy product for at least 90 days. Instead, substitute with nut, rice, or grain milks, and eat eggs, almond butter, or bean burritos. Snack on nuts and seeds.
  3. Eliminate refined sugar, refined carbohydrates, corn syrup, dried fruits, and very sweet fruits (bananas, grapes, raisins, and pineapple.) Instead eat pears, plums, apples, and others. For sugar, you can use Stevia, barley malt, brown rice syrup, or Xylitol. Drink juice-sweetened spritzers in place of sodas.

Step 3

Shop with local grocers that carry health food products, or at specifically health-food stores.

Step 4

Discontinue eating foods that contain additives, preservatives, and artificial flavorings or colorings. Especially avoid processed lunch meats cheeses and hot dogs.

Step 5

Determine the foods you are allergic to and eliminate them from your diet. Try to avoid foods that you especially crave. There are two effective ways to tell if you could be allergic or sensitive to a particular food: 1.) The elimination diet that I teach, and/or, 2.) the R.A.S.T. blood test.

Step 6

Exercise Regularly. Walk, play basketball, swim, bike, jump rope, etc. Do some type of regular exercise three times weekly for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Step 7

Nutritional Supplementation.

  1. Flax: Take 1 Tbs daily per 100lbs of weight. Take anytime, with or without meals. It can also be added to food. However, do not heat flax, store it in the refrigerator. If you prefer capsules over liquid, then it’s 12 caps per 100lbs.
  2. Salmon (fish oil): Take one capsule right before bed for the first 18 days.
  3. B Vitamin Complex: Take 6 daily for the first month, 2 with each meal. After that, 3 daily will be adequate, always in divided doses throughout the day. Any low-dosage, cold-processed, whole food B vitamin is good. Do not use high dosage mega B vitamins.
  4. B6: Use 3 daily for the first month, one at each meal. Continue with one daily for the entire program.
  5. Minerals: Use a whole food complex with alfalfa and kelp as the primary ingredients. Take 3 daily total, one at each meal.
  6. Use Sea Salt: in place of regular table salt when salting your foods.

For the second month and onward:

  1. Daily take 1 Tbs flax per 100lbs.
  2. Salmon (fish oil). Take one capsule right before bed for the first 18 days.
  3. 3 vitamins B-complex daily
  4. 1 mineral tablet daily
  5. On days when hydrogenated fats, dairy, or refined sugar are consumed, take one salmon capsule that night.

Most patients will see positive results within three weeks. Those who have been on medication will no doubt want to return to their medical doctor to see if their medication(s) can be reduced or eventually eliminated. Typically, Ritalin, Effexor, Adderall, Prozac, Neurontin, and Dexedrine are used to treat these symptoms only, not the cause. What happens to the symptoms when the drug wears off? They return.

To get to the bottom underlying cause, the holistic, nutritional approach must trump other approaches to permanently fix the biochemical aberrations in the brain resulting in misbehavior.


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