Treat Inflammation Nutritionally

How to Nutritionally Treat Inflammation

Two double-blind studies have shown how the following nutrients have reduced or arrested inflammation occurring anywhere in the body. This condition could be the result of: ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic GERD, fibromyalgia, asthma, selected cases of back & neck pain, just to name a few.

When inflammation is reduced, pain usually is as well, b/c it's associated more frequently with pain than edema or spasm.
The following 3 foods/elements must be taken together, daily, in divided doses, for best results.

1) omega 3 fatty acids ---either cod liver oil OR flaxseed oil.2) herbs ---Boswallia and tumeric/cumin, preferably in capsule form

3) proteolytic enzymes ---usually disguised as pancreatic enzymes on the label.

Capsules can be taken like 1--2 three times daily. Preferably with meals.
If you take the oil in liquid form, 1--2 tablespoons three times daily, depending on your weight.

No side effects were noted with these products in various studies. But if you have questions concerning mixing these with current medications that you're taking, consult your pharmacist.
These are nature's answer to an anti-inflammatory drug. They’re better for several reasons.

a)These nutritional products do not block prostaglandin 2, produced in the liver, to help heal

damaged soft tissue. Prescription NSAIDs block PG 2.

b)No side effects as there often is with meds, so safer.

c)Less expensive than meds.

This approach is good for those people who can't or choose not to take any meds for various reasons.

It should be noted that the following foods/chemicals, when ingested at the time a person already has inflammation , can enhance the inflammatory process wherever it is in the body.

alcohol smoking animal fats caffeine trans fatty acids sugar sodium nitrite

and other preservatives including monosodium glutamate or gluconate.

Healthfully Yours, Greg N. McNabb, B.S., D.C.

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