Tips for Reducing Migraines

Helpful Tips for Reducing or Eliminating a Migraine

Before the pain of the headache begins, when you may first feel an aura with your vision, drink a cup of straight black coffee (caffeinated). This often stops the migraine dead in its tracks. The key here is catching the potential migraine before the pain starts. Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor. For those who don’t experience a change in their vision, this tip won’t apply.

Migraine patients generally have acid urine, so drink and eat alkaline foods such as tomato juice and green leafy vegetables.

Many migraine sufferers will do better to eat up to six small meals per day. They should probably avoid red meat, tea, alcohol, white sugar, white flour, and foods made with them and cigarettes containing over 400 toxic chemicals between the tobacco and smoke.

Some patients may be allergic to certain foods that can trigger a migraine headache. The R.A.S.T. test is an accurate blood test specifically for food allergies.

During a migraine headache, the patient should run or walk fast to eliminate toxins. Work up a sweat and then go to bed.

To avoid potential headaches on the weekends, wake up at the same time as you would during the workweek. Stay awake for 30-60 minutes then go back to sleep if desired. The second time you awake, you may have no headache.

The following foods in the left-hand column may trigger a migraine. Learn which ones are the culprit for you. After a headache, think back 24 hours if you had consumed any of these foods. If still unsure if a food triggered your migraine, start keeping a journal of any of these foods eaten w/in 12 to 24 hours prior to onset of your last headache. You could very well notice a PATTERN.

May trigger a migraine:

Ham, Bacon, Cold Meats (that have nitrite additives), Wieners (hot dogs), Sausage, Bologna, Knockwurst, Bratwurst etc…

You can eat:

Beef, Veal, Lamb, Turkey, Chicken, Duck, Fresh Fish

May trigger a migraine:

Roquefort dressing, Creamy French or Creamy Italian, Secret “House” Dressings

You can eat:

Oil and vinegar, Some French dressing

May trigger a migraine:

Ice Cream, Cream pies, Any chocolate flavored dessert, Brownies, Peanut Butter cookies

Coconut cookies, White Topping made with coconut oil, Egg White Desserts

You can eat:

Fresh or stewed fruit' Cake without nuts/chocolate, Fruit pies, Gelatin

Tapioca, Cookies without nuts/chocolate, Jelly roll, Pumpkin pie, White topping made with soy

The table below is graded by the intensity level of trigger potential; starting with the worst ones.

May trigger a migraine:

Brandy (avoid all kinds), Bourbon, Heavy Scotch, Rum, Liqueurs

Gin, Tequila, Beer

You can drink:

Vodka, a little very light scotch

I would like to point out something that should be obvious from these food lists. The basic natural foods, such as meat, fish, fowl, fruit, vegetables and most grains are generally not migraine provoking. It is usually when foods are processed, containing additives, and are flavored and enriched that they cause headaches. When in doubt about whether to eat something, ask yourself, is it a basic food, or has it been tampered with by any of the 4,500 food additives available today.

An effective herbal medicine, when taken regularly over time, I’ve seen reduce the incidence of migraines as well as the intensity level of pain. It is called feverfew. Now to maximize the effectiveness of this natural compound, you want to make certain the words, “standardized extract” are on the label. In most cases, the dosage should range between 120mg to 240mg per day depending on body weight. As for most things that are good for you, you’ll find it in health food stores. For the record, there are still more answers for treating migraines you aren’t aware of. If these self-help tips fail to eliminate your migraines, then consult a doctor of chiropractic. He/she is far more qualified to address the underlying cause(s) in an effort to achieve a more successful outcome. And that translates to a better quality of life for you and those you love.

Dr. Greg N. McNabb Wellness Expert

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